Industrias Riolac, manufactures products for the wood industry, including all the products needed for varnishing and solid wood and paneling decorating.


  • Undercoats: Polyurethane and Nitrocellulose in a wide range of solid content and hardness.
  • Finishes: Polyurethanes and nitrocelluloses with varying hardnesses and 0 to 100 shine range. Solvents: For polyurethanes, cleaning, retarders, anti-bubble, enamels, etc.
  • Stains: For direct staining of wood.
  • Patinas: Dry patinas for sanding or mopping.
  • Bases: To manufacture stains and hue primers or finishing coats. 
  • Special Products: For texturizing, Tixotropic products.

Water-Based liquid products:

  • Primers
  • Finishes.

Hue Toning products:

  • Customized colours in primers and water or solvent-based finishes.

Flame retardant prodcuts:

  • Undercoats and Finishes, M1 standard-complying.

Parquet products:

  • Two-component Undercoats
  • Finishes.

Uv products:

  • Undercoats
  • Rollers
  • Paint gun
  • Curtain.

High-solid (COV) products:

  • Polyurethane undercoats and finishes.

Products for dyes